Rabu, November 03, 2004

Old Edwardian

to all old edwardians,,

hehe..for those who wish to join the association for the old tigers, please go to Edwardian Old Boys' Association Malaysia, Jalan Taming Sari, Taiping, Perak... at the Mohaideen Ishack grocery Shop beside Bismillah Restaurant...the famous in town.

and for those ex-hostellites, please contact pak royy at rohaiza@tourism.gov.my... he is the secretary for the Old Edwardian Hostellites Association. usually, the annual gathering will be held early May every year at the School Hostel, Jalan Muzium Hulu, Taiping.

Actually, in Kl and Selangor, the association office is at 66B & C, jalan kampung attap, 50460 kuala lumpur...email: admin@edwardians.com.my

ok.. www.edwardians.com.my

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