Rabu, Jun 01, 2011

Golden rules in team working

01.We will be as open as possible but respect the right of privacy.

02.Information discussed in our group will remain confidential. Whatever is in relation to peoples' opinions, what's said here ends here.

03.We will respect our differences. We won't dismiss others' ideas.

04.We will be supportive rather than judgemental.

05.No finger pointing - address the process not the individual.

06.Within our group, we have the resources we need to solve any problem that arises. This means that we will all be contributors.

07.We are each responsible for what we get from this team experience.

08.Practice self-respect and mutual respect.

09.Build self-esteem. Respect each person.

10.We will give feedback directly and openly; it will be given in a timely fashion, and we will provide information that is specific and focuses on the task and processes and not on personalities.

11.Everyone is expected to help facilitate, critique and evaluate the meeting.

12.Everyone is expected participate, respect and support the right to be heard.

13.Be willing to forgive and forget.

14.Share air time, work from your own "learning edge" and acknowledge that others are at different levels.

15.Expect to change your own mind, but don't expect to change another's mind.

16.Be open to new concepts and to concepts presented in new ways. Keep an open mind. Appreciate others point of view.

17.Do not accept the first idea -- go for the second and even better the third.

18.Everyone is responsible for the success of the meeting.

19.Be willing to make mistakes or have a different opinion.

20.Share your knowledge, experience, time, and talents.

Source: Priss Lynn

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