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Tamatlah perkhidmatan bas "Red & Yellow Omnibus"

In the Red
NST-20 Nov 2013

NO MORE BUSES: Huge losses prompts Red and Yellow Omnibus Company Sdn Bhd to discontinue services in Taiping, Kuala Kangsar and Lenggong-Gerik

KUALA KANGSAR: ONE of the state's oldest bus companies -- the Red and Yellow Omnibus Company Sdn Bhd --  announced that it would stop plying several routes from Dec 1. The company's spokesman said the affected routes are Taiping, Kuala Kangsar and Lenggong-Gerik.

"The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has been informed of the matter," she said, citing losses over the years as the reason for discontinuing the services. The spokesman added that all affected employees had been informed of the company's decision to stop plying the routes early this month. The company had in October stopped its services in the Kerian district.
The Perak state government, however, has asked Perak Transit, to provide bus services in the Kerian district.

The Kuala Kangsar supervisor of the Red and Yellow Omnibus Company, who declined to be named, said the company had no choice but to stop its services.

"Nobody seems to take the bus anymore. Almost everyone has a motorcycle," he said, adding that daily collection had dropped from RM700 to about RM400. We cannot continue to provide the service with the current rise in operating cost," he added. Bus driver Ahmad Sharif said he was informed about this decision last month.

"I will have to look for another job," said the 57-year-old father of nine. Bus conductor Muhammad Amir Abdul Halim, 23, said he would look for another job when the company stops its services.

"Although the company transferred me to another route, I preferred to stay back in Kuala Kangsar," said Amir. Commuter Mariam Ismail, 68, is unperturbed by the disruption in service.

"There's Perak Transit offering its services," said the grandmother when met at the Kuala Kangsar bus station. SMK Clifford Form Five student Danial Azri Norhan concurred with Mariam.

"It is also cheaper to use Perak Transit," said the 17-year-old. Citing his trip back home to Padang Rengas from Kuala Kangsar, Danial said it would cost him RM1 for a one-way trip on Perak Transit but RM1.70 on the Red and Yellow Omnibus Company.

"My only concern now is that I no longer have a choice and I have to rely solely on Perak Transit," said Danial. He hopes that Perak Transit would increase its number of trips as it is only providing four currently. The bus company will cease its services on certain routes beginning Dec 1.

Source: NST Online

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OE nandre berkata...

Bas ni aku pernah naik masa aku pi kuala kangsar dari Tepen... masa tu masa sekolah la, lepas masok ITM, langsung tak pernah naik dah, asyik naik keta ja...

OE nandre berkata...

Tapi syok naik bas ni, ada konduktor tiket yang bagi tiket... Rambut mesti terbang sebab tadak air-cond

amien7 berkata...

Kalau kat Pahang ada bas Bee Huat, kaler Hitam Putih. Memang legend tu. sekarang dh pupus dh aku rasa. huhu