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Book: Returning Taiping

Returning Taiping: the town of tin, rain, commerce, leisure and heritage
by Ho Weng Lin (Editor), Lai Chee Kien (Editor), Lim Take Bane (Editor), Megat Ariff Shah Megat Omar (Editor)

Returning Taiping offers insight into the architectural and urban heritage ofTaiping, Malaysia, inextricably linked to its unique natural and man-made landscapes, as well as the country’s socio-economic history. This book is based on a study of the former tin-mining town in Perak by staff and students from the architecture departments of the University of Malaya (UM) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). This book presents the urban analyses, documentation, measured drawings and architectural models executed during the UM-NUS Joint Studio conducted in May and June 2010. (less)

Paperback, 211 pages
Published 2010 by [Singapore]: Centre of Advanced Studies in Architecture (CASA), Dept. of Architecture, National University of Singapore
 ISBN13 9789810863302
Edition Language English

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