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Oliver Twist

Characters in Oliver Twist:

Oliver Twist – the title character, a boy born in a workhouse
Fagin – a Jew who recruits and trains boys for thievery
Bill Sikes – a violent thief and eventual murderer
The Artful Dodger aka Jack Dawkins – one of Fagin's boy pickpockets
Charley Bates – another of Fagin's boy pickpockets
Nancy – Bill's girl; a thief trained by Fagin who longs for a better life
Betsy – a thief of Fagin's and friend of Nancy
Noah Claypole – untalented apprentice to Mr Sowerberry, and something of a bully
Mr. Brownlow – Oliver's saviour, a kindly old gentleman
Monks, aka Edward Leeford – Oliver's half-brother, a criminal type bent on destroying Oliver. Rose Maylie– A kindly young woman, Oliver's second saviour, who turns out to be his aunt.
Mr Bumble – the parish Beadle. He's officious, corrupt, a chronic mangler of the King's English, and a great source of comic relief.
Mr. Sowerberry – an Undertaker who takes Oliver into his service. He's not a bad sort, and rather likes Oliver.
Mrs. Sowerberry – Mr. Sowerberry's shrewish wife, who dislikes Oliver and treats him cruelly.
Charlotte – servant to Mrs Sowerberry; in love with Noah Claypole
Gamfield – a vicious chimney-sweep who nearly claims Oliver as apprentice
Mrs Bedwin – Motherly housekeeper to Mr Brownlow who nurses Oliver back to health
Mr Grimwig – an old friend of Mr Brownlow's who pretends to be a great cynic, but is really a sentimental softy.

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