Isnin, Mei 25, 2009

Joy for Librarians

Good news for libraries. There is now an easier method for scanning a book without damaging the spine, thanks to e-Scan — a book scanner from France-based i2S SA, under its DigiBook series.

According to DigiBook regional sales manager Alexandre Besson, the e-Scan is a compact book-scanner that allows a user to scan any kind of book or bound documents, including fragile papers.

“e-Scan works by simply placing the book face up and the scanner (which looks like a lamp) captures the respective pages. The user starts the scan by using a touchscreen,” he said.

“Once the scan is done, the user can leave the library with the digital document on a thumb drive. Alternatively, the digital document can be printed out or shared within a computer network,” said Besson.

With this method of placing the book face up, the spine is not likely to be damaged. With e-Scan, users can scan books or bound documents that are up to 10cm thick and up to A3++ format (520 x 360mm).

e-Scan is capable of scanning in colour, greyscale, or black-and-white, and is equipped with a 15in touchscreen. It also features watermarking and RFID (radio-frequency identification) capabilities.

It retails for RM80,000 here and is distributed by Excel Envirotech Resources Sdn Bhd.

Source: The Star (Tech Central)

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