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being happier at WORK

Experts offer strategies for unhappy employees to stay on the job and have more fun. Here are few tips to help change that, culled from a new book titled Fit Soul, Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You by spiritual healer Brant Secunda and world champion Ironman Mark Allen:

1. Stand Up and Move Around
Get up to have face-to-face talk with a co-worker, walk around at lunchtime - anything to keep your body active and energised.

2. Embrace The Boredom
If repetitive tasks leave you numb with boredom, take a tip from a top athlete who trains every day for hours at a time: chipping away at small tasks can be a powerful way to reach your financial and professional goals.

3. Change Your Routine
Try working 8am to 4pm rather than 9am to 5pm, if possible, or rearrange your desk. Make calls instead of emailing.

4. Stop Procrastinating For 5 Minutes
If you are putting off a large project with a looming deadline, start small. Commit to working on it for just five minutes, and take it from there.

5. Go Out To Lunch
Take a break, and keep your body wll fed and hydratedthroughout the day. Keep a large bottle of water at your desk and sip it all day to keep you feeling refreshed and energised.

6. Live in the Moment
let go of perfectionism by doing the best you can right now, despite what else might be going on in your life. Instead of focusing on absolute perfection, make the goal to give the best you can in the moment, even if you know on another day it might be better, states the article.

Source: The Sun

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