Selasa, April 05, 2011

KL Alternative Bookfest (KLAB)

We are once again going to host the KL Alternative Bookfest (KLAB). It will be held on the weekend of 18 & 19 June 2010, from 12pm-8pm, at The Annexe, Central Market. It is once again in conjunction with the hugely popular Art for Grabs event.

We also have some slots available for book launches, lasting 2 hour each (RM200 per slot, although sometimes two books might want to share). Please let us know by 30 April if you'd like to launch a book.

What's even more special is that we have an extra space at the raised loft (accessible by stairs from the gallery) to hold discussions or small events for your books. This space can fit 20 people comfortably, so it's for smaller events than an actual launch of a new book. It can be an author discussion, workshop, reading ... it's up to you. Do give us ideas on what you want to do there.

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