Selasa, April 15, 2008

Bloggers' Universe Malaysia 2008

First of May. Have you registered yet? Visit and spread the word. Speakers include a controversial former judge, a rocker-intellect, the world's first blogger-MP, a blogger-activist, a Citizen journalist, journo-bloggers, blogger-bloggers.

The same sponsors who gave us lamb last year are giving us more lamb this year. Who says RM50 can't get you much these days?

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desiderata berkata...

Hi Legends matey:
Thanks for spreading the word.
With blogger-mateys such as Thee, I am sure we will soon hit the magical 110-120mark.
See you on Labor Dae! ~~ Desi, sitting on BUM rickety chair:)

Shima berkata...

nandre, can u explain what it's all about? Sori la bro, time envy me so much. x sempat nk baca smua.

Mister Amien berkata...

hi legends matey:

bila masa hang jadi legend yg dah mati ni? hahahhaa

the legend berkata...


bukan mati la... tapi Team mate...

the legend berkata...

ya kak shimra:

Gathering 2008 features two
brainstorming sessions involving Speakers and Audience
with the general theme of "TOWARDS A CIVIL SOCIETY".

Our initiative is mainly by a group of bloggers -- in
association with the Centre for Policy Initiatives --
acting on the second annual event to mark World
Press Freedom Day which falls on 3rd May. At bum2007,
the Organising Committee indicated it would like to
pass the baton to the AllBlogs Council to organise
such events, but since its official registration is
still pending, this Group of "lazy" bummers with not
much on their hands after GE2008 unashamedly take on
the task and challenge.:)

Dumuro berkata...

See Please Here