Selasa, April 29, 2008

Butterfingers 1000 tahun T-shirt

New merchandise up for grabs.

PRICE: RM 25.00
Size Available: M and XL

To be honest, i like this t-shirt, the quality is between to extreme (excellent and poor), very lightweight and quite stylo.

At the moment theres no street team yet,,you can get it during our show on the 11th at mcpa,17th ruums and 24th zouk K.L.You can get it also online by doing our standard procedure.

Bank In into our Maybank Account:-
send you details like time and date making payment,address,phne number etc to
and we'll send the item within a week BUT you gotta pay for the courier service.
For fans /people outside Malaysia and interested to buy, please use TT transfer format because we dont have the swiftcode.

For courier, we've choose NATIONWIDE EXPRESS COURIER. Courier charges for item less then 1kg:-

1.Peninsula Malaysia RM12
2.Sabah Sarawak Brunei RM15
3.Australia, New Zealand RM 25
4.China,Japan RM 30
5.Africa RM 35
6.UK Europe RM45
7.United States RM60

Total price including shipping for 1 tshirt is RM37 if you stay in Pen.Malaysia and so on.

Send you order now because we wrap online order every Thursday.

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