Rabu, April 09, 2008

Businessmen told to look ahead

YOUNGSTERS venturing into business must focus on creativity and innovation instead of just the operational element, said Modern Agriculture Methods, Natural Resources and Entrepreneurship Development Selangor chairman Yaakob Sapari.

He also added that one must be open to all ideas and possibilities when it came to marketing their business.

“Now, we just can’t have a shoe retail outlet and wait for customers to walk in. “We have to unleash our products into their living room or even working place by joining the online community,” he said after launching Roti Ikhwan, a bread factory in Shah Alam.

Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd that sells breads at RM2.50 per loaf operates Roti Ikhwan. He added that entrepreneurs nowdays even resorted to Facebook to network.

“Your store can be in Shah Alam but orders could come in as far as Brazil if we use the internet,” he said.

Yaakob said the state government was interested in educating and empowering youngsters to engage customers in social networking online.

“We can exchange ideas over the net. It’s a global market so we must move forward and learn to tap new markets abroad without having the need to travel much,” he said.

“We must share business ideas as it will help us identify opportunities. Through sharing, these entrepreneurs can discover new concepts that they were not aware of before, thus galvanising the business into a profitable realm,” he said.

Yaakob added that vetting ideas with respected and individuals was priceless and would offer much help instead of just going down a rather expensive journey, in both time and financial aspects.

“Sharing business ideas is exciting for me. Some may value it and add something to make it better,” he added.

Roti Ikhwan Central Region manager Zulkifli Awang Kechik, 48, said the bread, which had a milk flavour, was being promoted in Selangor, Malacca and Negri Sembilan.

-- The Star

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